Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friends and Family

I can hardly believe we're just 6 weeks away from Emily's wedding to Diego in Sao Paulo! Last night our friends gave Emily the most beautiful, wonderful shower a girl could ask for....
It was a garden party for our favorite landscape friend, Barbara's back yard with everything garden themed--delicious food (salads, and homemade breads, even carrot cake to carry thru the theme!) , precious friends, lot of chatting and laughter and lots and lots of love!

Everyone was all smiles--as you can see! Such a delight to get together and visit with one another to celebrate this special occasion.

After a light supper we all gathered around the computer, and thru the wonders of modern technology, everyone got to meet and visit with the charming Diego--what a good sport he was to let us ask 20 questions and tell us about how he fell in love with our beautiful Emily!

Then it was back to the patio for unwrapping the gifts and more visiting together.

So many beautiful gifts, but I think one of Emily's favorite's was a photo album put together by her friend Tiffany loaded with pictures of Emily and Diego and so artfully designed that it will be a treasure forever!

Here are the wonderful ladies who hosted Em's shower and worked soooo hard to make it a special evening that she and I will treasure forever--thank you precious friends!!!!