Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Little Project..a Little Reward

Between projects here at home, I found a little time to play with some of my beautiful artisan lampwork beads in my stash.  I've been hoarding the last few beads from a set I purchased from Manuela Wutschke several years back and finally decided it was time to put them in a design--turns our I actually had enough to make two bracelets--can't decide which I love best, so I just finished both of them. 

One has beautiful carved black agate or jade or onyx beads (not sure what the stone is, but the carving is lovely).  I combined the lampwork, black beads and sterling silver with a finishing touch--a tassel that I made myself with beads and chain...  I'm not sure why, but these beads remind me of exotic koy fish--I love the dramatic color combination.

Now here is the second bracelet---these beads were very interesting to me--the detail on one reminds me of a music staff--like a fragment of some lost symphony.  I know, quite the imagination, eh?  I combined these three beautiful lampwork beads with a lovely carved black bead and a Hill Tribe silver heart and clasp. 

I'm off to sort thru some 'artifacts' of my own, or in other words, cleaning out my closet, in an attempt to purge what needs to go an what to hoard a little longer.  :-)  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the Winner is....

Drumroll please!!!  The winner of the drawing is Elizabeth!!!  PM me your email and address on facebook. 

I've decided that I want to send a small runner-up gift to the other commenters, so let me know your email addresses via a private message on facebook or an email so I can send you a little THANK YOU as well!  :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beautiful Fall Colors

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.  I love the cooling day, chilly mornings and changing color of the trees and grasses.  It's like Mother Nature washes everything in brilliant sunshine before going on holiday for the winter--going out in a blaze of glory.  Fall color takes a little longer to get here in Southern California--it seems to come in fits and starts, wrestling with summer in a fight that inevitably will arrive, despite the protestations. Last Spring I bought some gorgeous lampwork beads from artist Carey OHalloran--the colors are my perfect ode to fall, so they inspired me to put them into two beautiful necklaces a few weeks ago...which one do you prefer--or would you wear them together--layered for a dramatic song of autumn.



Monday, October 6, 2014


I love to layer jewelry, and my knotted gemstone designs are perfect for layering--the necklaces especially.  Typically the bracelets I knot are multi-strand to begin with but the necklaces are so versatile depending on the length--they can be one, two and sometimes even three strand alone, or layered with multi-length and strand designs to an endless variety of lengths and looks...  
 Single strand labradorite...35"
 Same necklace doubled...
Multiple strands shown together--coin pearls, carnelian and grossular green garnet--complimenting in color, with a variety of shapes and textures for a sophisticated combination of gemstones and color.
Try it---you'll love mixing and matching with your own creative twist!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's a DRAWING FOR A FREE BRACELET What's Not to Like About FREE?

So far only four people have entered my drawing for a free bracelet?  I know everyone isn't into lampwork--some of you like my knotted gemstone jewelry, but try it, you'll like it!  All you have to do is say hi! Just 14 days until the drawing to win a lovely lampwork bracelet from my site.  Come on over post a little howdy and see what happens!  No strings attached.

Here's what you're entered to win---

 Drawing October 15. 2014