Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a Very Important Date....

Who am I??? Just a little amusing blue eyed, blonde daughter went to her Halloween party tonight in this costume...and several of her younger friends were like..."who are you supposed to be?!?" It made her feel very old, because this was a character she was quite found of when she was a young you know who she was supposed to be, or are you too young too?!?!?!

Now, on to the apology: I know, I know... I was supposed to have some eye candy to give away before the end of the week, but I've gotten the flu and have not felt so creative the past few days....hang in there...I'm trying to have something ready for you by the goal is move forward,(she said hopefully)!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost there...

Sneak preview (the blue painters tape is still on the ceiling, and every thing isn't put away...but here's an idea of what has been happening in my kitchen...used a black stain(stained instead of painted so the grain would show thru, not seeing it in this picture too well though..) on my old oak cabinets and put on some weathered chrome hardware, took down the old fashioned wallpaper...will take a better picture when it's all put together...but this is the work in progress....It's going to be such an improvement over the old step is change the ceiling lights in the ceiling and lighting under the cabinets, but that may take awhile to get finished...I'd forgotten how much fun and work it is, to take on a project like this...why don't I do it more often these days...and why I don't do it more often these!!!

Here's a smokey quartz necklace I made for my sister on a silk cord...she'd seen something like it, described the style and asked if I could do it for her--not too impressive in the picture, but it does look nice that I've figured out knotting...I'll have to do some more things with knots...thank goodness for online tutorials, lol!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Travel and More....

I've been absent again...just took a week off to go visit my parents and sisters, since I was missing them! I also got to play with my adorable niece and nephew. The little guy was born just 2 weeks before my grandson, so that was an extra special treat to be introduced to him. He's just as sweet and good natured as can be and was the next best thing to seeing my own little treasured grandson! Plus the little princess (is it Ariel or Aurora today?) is always my favorite playmate when I'm lucky enough to be in her company!
Not really any new jewelry to show you, but I did just get a couple of books that I was fortunate enough to be published in. I'd put it off for awhile--I think I was afraid that I would be disappointed in my pieces or that they might not really have ended up making the grade, even though I had been invited to submit some designs. Quite awhile ago Karen Leonardo contacted me about doing two 'beginner designs' and tutorials with two sets of lampwork beads for a book she was getting ready to publish on Art Bead Jewelry. Since this was my first try at a tutorial, I felt a bit intimidated, but now that I have the book, I'm pleasantly surprised with the tutorial pictures and work, plus there are some other gorgeous designs with tutorials that gave me some good ideas that I'd like to try out. So, I'm glad I finally got a copy. It's really fun to be published in a book with so many other fine designers and lampwork artists. I was also pleasantly surprised to find 8 of my lampwork designs in the 1000 Jewelry Inspirations book by Sandra Salomony. I had submitted some pieces a year or two agon now, but wasn't sure whether they had used many, or any of my pieces, so I felt honored to be included. There's lots of eye candy in this one, and I'm surely going to use some of the delightful ideas to inspire me in other directions.
Check back in the next few days, as I'm planning to have an Autumn giveaway-- I hope it will be something you'd like. Details before the end of the week...and pictures of my's almost done!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who says I can't multi-task!!!

Remember the beads I was waiting on to use my new Swarkies from with? They arrived and this is how the design turned out. It's almost an embarassment of riches, getting to work with Manuela Wutschke's exquisite beads one week and Jena Fulcher's the next!
This was a custom order for a chacha charm necklace loaded up with dazzling lampwork and other pretty things! Jena's Oceania beads are in yummy colors, so it was easy on the eyes to play with these lovelies!

A few earring sample ideas for my customer to choose from and it's almost ready to ship!
Now it's back to the kitchen cabinets--they're stained, sanded and ready for their clear coat if the weather cooperates--rain in the forecast...but my kitchen needs to be put back in order! The new faucet is in, the walls are all I need are some doors on my cupboards and it's almost done. Maybe then I can make something new for my etsy store..or maybe just find another project to tackle!

p.s. remember I love free shipping? Well, now purchases over $75 go out free priority mail with a 24 hour turnaround...just what I need when I find myself short of a few elements for my design work and don't want to drive into downtown LA and the traffic zoo!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taking Flight

Between redoing my kitchen, I've had the opportunity to work on a custom necklace using some of Manuela Wutschke's exquisite lampwork beads. It's really brightened my day to have these to look forward to after hours and hours of sanding and thanks E!
These freeformed beads were such a delight---something new to discover every time I pick them up and the colors are to die for. The coloring subtleties on the little birds look like they were done with oil paints and no detail is too small. Then there is the amazing stringer detail..can you tell, I'm a fan? IMO no one does it better and it always puts a smile on my face to have some of her lampwork in my hot little hands!

Manuela's lampwork needed space to be savoured with something bold and modern, as well--so lots of silver-- over 75 grams of silver in fact with just a touch of aquamarine here and there, a dash of amber, and a pair of Turkish sterling silver leaves--so the little birds don't get homesick for a bough to rest on.

Time to fly away home, little birds! As they come to rest around your neck may they bring a smile to your lips and a song to your heart!