Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nothin' But Blue Skys

 Nothin' but blue skys....well, a girl can hope can't she?  Might as well give the power of positive thinking a chance!  At least this bracelet makes me think of sunshine and blue skys with it's vibrant colors.  It's been a wonderful week here at Hollywood Beach, so you won't hear me complainin'
Okay pink and coral, fuschia and tangerine...go together like love and marriage.  At least I've always felt that way.  For awhile that was my signature color combo--I've always loved they way they look--I even have a heavy woven bed throw from Italy with those colors that I got from my mother when I was in high that's old school!  These gorgeous lampwork beads from Manuela Wutschke are definitely NOT old school!  They inspired me to combine them with freshwater pearls and turquoise for a necklace you're sure to love. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Color Me Happy

 There's nothing like a splash of color for putting a smile on my face.  It's no secret I love bright colors and this is the summer to win my heart.  Go into any store and see clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry featuring clear summery bright blues, corals, pinks and yellows.  I have a boxful of lampwork stash in just such colors, so into the stash I've gone to put my spin on the latest trends.  The last few days I've been feverishly putting my treasures together in a riot of color.  This one may be my favorite so far....lampwork by Kimberly Lynn of kimbeads...yummy beads combined with freshwater pearls, coral and a designer sterling toggle...
Another of Kimberly Lynn's flower focals combined with additional whimsical artisan lampwork, faceted agate barrel beads, sterling silver, freshwater pearls and a beautiful leaf designer sterling toggle clasp.  Yep, lots of color here.  Color makes me smile....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three Little Gems

One, Two, Three simple 16" necklaces.

 Labradorite rondelles with silvery sparkle.sterling silver accents and a multi-labradorite dangle.  Rondelles are 4.5-5mm.  Total length 16"
Pale transparent watermelon tourmaline rondelles strung with a sweetheart sterling clasp, 16" long.  3 to 3.5 mm rondelles beautifully strung. 
Apatite rondelles combined with sterling chain and a Saki sterling silver clasp 16" total length. Rondelles are 4mm-4.5mm

Monday, June 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning=Destash

Yep, selling off some of my stash---too many treasures, too little time.... a small sampling...
 You can check them out in my vintage/destash etsy store--

I'll be adding some metal beads and gemstones soon as well.  Just trying to whittle down to a reasonable amount for the occasional hobbiest I've become.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

That's What Families Do

Me, Pam and Klea
Last week we took a last minute road trip to visit with my husband's mother.  She had become quite ill and needed some help so we took off for the mountains of Utah to see what we could do.  After our fourth day there she was able to sit up in her living room with a valiant effort,  and we got to listen and watch a travel log of her sister Pam's, Mediterranean cruise.  Klea missed the cruise but due to her health issues, and was eager to see every picture and hear every detail of that missed trip. When we were thru she wanted to see it again...very soon...when she's feeling a little stronger.

Klea with two of her son's--Chris and my husband, Mitch.  Look at the big smiles.  I'm pretty sure that is the biggest smile of the week.  She was so grateful and happy to see two of her 'boys', and know how much they cared about her. We all worked hard at arranging what was needed for her daily needs, and making her room more livable with her health changes.  The best thing was an adjustable bed, so she will be able to sit up and hopefully get up while she's working on getting better.  Then the best  thing was the safety net of help that was available to help her stay in her home. with her cat and familiar things nearby.  Holding good thoughts that she will be able to stay home where she wants to be with the extra help she'll be getting.  Many thanks to good people--friends, volunteers, extended family and  medical personal who serve with care and compassion.

Lately, my husband and I have talked about how blessed we are to have all four of our parents still living, all of them in the mid to late 80's.  They enrich our lives with their examples and it is especially nice for our children to have four loving grandparents.  Giving thanks for the blessings of family today and every day!  FAMILIES ARE FOREVER

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts here....instead of making soup with my stones, I've decided to just use them to embellish my soup tureen...see, I told you I'd find a way to use

 I can tell it's summertime here at the beach, I actually see people when I take my walks now. Mostly I'm used to solitary walks on the beach, where I'm surprised to see more than one or two people along the whole strand...lots of birds, and dinky crabs, even a jellyfish or two and the neighborhood sealion--but people, not so much...but now they're coming to enjoy what I enjoy.  I especially love to watch the familys with children--building sand castles, running in and out of the surf, laughing and playing...reminds me of when my grandson is here and I can share in his delight of everything surf and sand..and makes me miss him all the more!  Solitude is sometimes overrated...there's a time and a season.
Yep, once upon a time I did Viking knit and I found this piece stashed away in my treasure trove of goodies, so I put it in my etsy store last night  I also 'reopened' my vintage/stash store on etsy and added some lampwork from my stash.  It's time to let go of a few things that haven't called my name for awhile and declutter.  Do they call that Spring Cleaning?  Not sure, but today is the first day of the rest of my life!  Have a good one!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Stone Soup

Every walk on the beach ends with my pockets full of little stones that look like they would make pretty jewelry...the only problem is I don't have a way to drill them and I'm not much of a wirewrapper, so what to do with them, but just admire their smooth rounded surfaces, their color and variety of textures and think about what to do with them.  I also have a rather large collection of larger and thicker stones with even more variety that I can't seem to stop collecting....when people ask what I plan to do with them, I have to admit I don't know, but I'm sure I'll think of something....maybe I'll make stone soup?  I also have some driftwood, seashells and sand dollars in my you think they'll add a little flavor...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Up On My Roof

Here's proof positive that the best room in the house isn't a conventional room at all, but my rooftop deck!  I have a great 360 degree view---the beach, ocean and Channel Islands to the west and the harbour with the mountains in the background to the east.  If I want to chase away the blues, breathe some fresh air, seek inspiration or just mellow out--this is the place to be.  It's the perfect perch to watch the sunset, the sailboats, the seagulls and pelicans in flight or just sit quietly and enjoy my lunch. It's the perfect perch to listen to the sealions, the roar of the surf, and the wail of the fog horn. I can be alone or invite 50 of my closest  friends to join me (it's also the largest 'room' in the house).  Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, no matter the time of year there is always something beautiful to enjoy up on my roof.