Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Well, let's see--I've had this hammered sterling heart I purchased from artist Alicia Abla for the longest time and just never knew how to use it, but this year, I think I've got it! I wraped it with goldfilled wire and gemstones for a beautiful pendant on a sterling chain, also with goldfilled wirewrapped gemstones. I'm really happy with the way it turned out--not too formal, but definitely beautiful. How can you go wrong when a necklace is loaded with rich amethyst, fanta spessertite, carnelian, spinel, garnets, champaign citrine and beautiful natural rubies!!!! The colors are outstanding and you're going to love it around your neck. The chain part of the necklace is a little over 18" with the pendant adding an additional 1 1/2". Let Me Call You Sweetheart sold, thank you. What's not to love!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Romancing the Stones

In a departure from my artisan lampwork designs, I just worked with gemstones and pearls in this newest bracelet. I love the way this piece is constructed. I used a fine goldfilled chain and wirewrapped what seemed like endless fresh water pearls, prasiolite (green amethyst) and lemon citrine gemstones with vermeil ball pins. Three large fancy cut prasiolite gemstones are also featured as endcaps and a charm with the 22k gold vermeil toggle clasp. I used various hues of greens in the various shaped freshwater pearls--coin, keishi and round pearls from almost seed-pearl size of 3mm to the larger 8mm pearls to give interest and variety. I really enjoy working with these materials--I'm hoping to give a feminine elegance to my gemstone designs that will give you a timeless treasure. 'Romancing the Stones' $144.00 can be easily sized just right for you, from 7 1/2" to 8", or with additional tweeking, I can do a little more or less with the length for your perfect fit!
Look for more gemstone designs in the near future--I'm thinking elegance and romance!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Three New Valentine Bracelets To Share...

Three more new bracelets to share today...definitely in a romantic/Valentine's mode with lots of florals and feminine colors and just a little saucy. The Heart of Africa $94.00 in black and white with just a touch of pink and tangerine. Let Me Call you Sweetheart $84.00 features encase floral lentils in spring green and pink. Midnight Lace $77.00 in tan, black and white with beautiful encase florals and etched whitehearts.
Of course all the bracelets have only sterling silver components and artisan lampwork by various artists--Jena Fulcher, Kimberly Lynn, Corina Tettinger and Melanie Egan if I remember correctly. Natural gemstone charms finish off each piece.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have A Heart

Well, I held onto this little stash of beads for awhile. Love the 'Lily Pulitzer' colors of spring green and pink. I think it's because they remind so much of my garden in the back yard with all the pink roses that I love. Two artist's beads contributed to this design--Jena Fulcher and Barbara Gorko. They both have a way with florals that I love. Have A Heart $81.00 has only applied florals--little rosettes and forget-me-nots on transparent and opaque bases with some rubino encase with the green dots for a little pop. These are so delicate and well done that I love the feminine look you get while mixing them with the other lampwork and silver in this piece. I take great pleasure in choosing just the right silver pieces to compliment the lampwork---I hope you can feel the love that goes into every design.
Today's a great day to express your appreciation to someone you care about. There are so many people around us that make life better. Reach out with a hug, a smile or a thank you and brighten someone else's day...and make your own better for the doing!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love Potion on a Tuesday Afternoon

I got busy again playing with some beads from my here's a preview of the first design up for grabs. Love the wonderful lampwork squares each on a different base color with encased pink roses. The black accents anchor the design and give it added drama. The weighty sterling clasp and findings are just the right balance and the perfect finishing touch--a trio of gemstone charms--pink topaz, orange garnet and black onyx briolettes. This lovely bracelet features lampwork by Jena Fulcher. Love Potion #9 $84.00

Mostly I was glued to the TV today watching the inauguration of our new president. It's a true blessing to live in a county where we have such a smooth transition of power and leadership. Even though these are troubling times we still have so much to be grateful for! May God bless America and inspire our leaders with wisdom and insight to honor and preserve our constitution and serve our citizens with selfless integrity.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arabian Nights

Well, this bangle feels very exotic to me with its quintet of slender sterling bangles all tied together with a quartet of charms--an amethyst gemstone encrusted 18mm sterling Bali bead (eight 6mm X 4mm faceted stones! ) and the additional 8mm carnelian and 12mm amethyst briolettes, as well as one more granulated sterling Bali bead to complete the grouping of charms. The Arabian Nights $73.00 color combination is beautiful and dramatic and this design will add a pop of color to any outfit as well and just a hint of exotic romance.

Daughter, Emily, is off to New York City this evening to visit with her college roommate for the long weekend. What's wrong with this picture??? She's leaving sunshine-y 80 degree Southern California for a few days in biting 20 degree cold and snow...what is that girl thinking!!!! Bhrrrrrrrh! Hope she enjoys her trip to winter! lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Close To My Heart

This locket charm bracelet 'Close to My Heart' is my latest addition. The heavy duty double link chain was handmade and the Turkish filigree sterling locket will be perfect to hold your favorite little treasures. Additional charms are an artisan lampwork bead by Catherine Howard and gemstone briolettes--smokey quartz and champaign citrine, with various complimenting freshwater pearls. Not much else going on here except spending time playing with jewelry design. I did take time out last night to cheer my daughter on at her soccer game, which was a fun outing on an unseasonably balmy evening!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And They Call It Puppy Love...

These charming lampwork beads were made by artist Lori Peterson and they seemed perfect for a Valentines Day bracelet, wouldn't you agree? Well, I've got the bug I'm using all my spare time to work on jewelry. Typically when this happens everything else goes by the wayside, because I seem to be only able to focus on one thing at a time...hopefully I won't let the house and laundry and mealtime fall into ruin while I go crazy playing with beads. You may have noticed I have a little trouble finding balance in my life...surely, I am one of those crazed obsessive compulsive people. I must sit down and read a book thru---I can't read for an hour and come back tomorrow for a disciplined read, when I'm thinking jewelry--that's all I want to do. When I'm in a cleaning mood I can really get things done, but I'm a terror to live with, because I want everything to stay perfect....I do work on these issues, but never seem to completely conquer this week is JEWELRY...should be some eye candy to enjoy before I totally overdose on jewelry and move on to the next magnificient obsession!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

...Looking Forward to Spring

Well, I'm finally ready to play with my beads again and this is the result of today's efforts! I love these little hand-carved ametrine leaves, with their verigated color from amethyst to pale amber. Then I paired them with keishi petal pearls that were doubled and wired onto the bracelet with lovely vermeil head pins to mimic delicate white flowers. The petite vermeil clasp has a lovely pink lavendar colored ruby gemstone that compliments the ametrine perfectly and this delicious confection is ready for your wrist. It would be perfect for a bride or an afternoon tea in springtime. I'm looking forward to spring already in my minds eye and this is just the thing to get you in the mood as well! Available for $113.00

Friday, January 9, 2009

Something New

Something new from me--a 16" triple strand necklace with two bronze strands and one peacock strand of large freshwater pearls, embellished with bronze and silver findings. The pendant is a designer piece from artist Stephen Dweck--an enhancer with a total length of 2 1/2 inches plus featuring a blue cutwork goldstone over a matte lapiz background, set in bronze. The great thing about this piece is it can be worn so many ways. I've used an S-clasp so the pearls can be all three worn together or divided up into either double bronze strands, or a single peacock strand as well a the way they are shown...or you can take off the enhancer and wear the pearls alone--as a single, double or triple strand. That's at least 6 different ways you can wear this one necklace--what fun! Available for purchase at $225.00