Monday, August 20, 2012

Fireants and Chiggers and Heat, Oh My!

I didn't really disappear this time, I'm just wandering around on vacation with spotty internet access...Just a few more days and we head for home, if I can call it that---we head west...and a pinch north.  Meanwhile we're enjoying the Texas heat, chiggers, a fireant invasion and last, but not least West Nile virus infected mosquitos...ahh the joys of summer in the midwest.  All worth it though for a little family time---first with my parents in Oklahoma and now with our son's family in Texas. 

Happy smiles for Aunt Rickie in Oklahoma...and

our grandson lovin' his birthday cupcake and sharing a giggle with his daddy.

How's that pinterest thing workin'out for me?  Well, after a few energetic days, it's been languishing in the background, to be picked up when I get back into my routine.  Routine, you say???  My daughter will be having a baby in the next few weeks, so getting back into 'my routine' may be longer than anticipated, or not, depending on how much time I get to enjoy with her and the baby.  Priorities, you know! 

This family of three is soon to be four---counting the days with eager anticipation!!!

I did manage to enlist my sister to help me get some modeled pictures of my jewelry that will give an idea of size, length and style to add to my etsy store, otherwise I've just been kicking back and enjoying family time. 

 Yes, our grandson loves "Talking Ben" on the ipad...good for a time out from playing cars, trucks and trainswhen gma is tired.

Oh sure, boompa found some monster truck videos and just trumped my game!

At least you know now, why I'm not in such a hurry to get back into my routine---when I'm having so much fun!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Drag Me into the 21st Century

Ah, yes, I'm on vacation this week and my niece is trying to bring me into the social media age by helping me set up a facebook page AND getting me to put together some pinterest boards.  I barely maintain my blog and my etsy store, but she assures me it will be fun to add these two components to my play  here's my pinterest link if you're into pinterest....

Follow Me on Pinterest

When I get back home in September, I'll be putting together a little contest using my new facebook page and pinterest for a giveaway of a new piece of jewelry I'll be designing just for this check back if you're interested! 

Yes, and where do you go on vacation when you live at the beach--why to the midwest and 112 degrees summer days, of course!  Visiting family trumps the weather....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Could Be Better Than This?

What's better than a summer morning spent at the beach with these two special guys--my sweetheart and our grandson.  Being grandma definitely trumped jewelry designer today!   This boy has no fear of the water either---he and his "Boompa" played in the surf for awhile and then came up on the beach to play in the sand.  It's another good reason to live at the beach!