Saturday, April 18, 2009

La Mer

I can't seem to stop playing with my reactive glass seashells and beads, so I had to do one more design while I had them out. These have to be some of my favorite colors of glass--the double helix blues and greens just enchant me every time--especially the way Tiffany McCoy can make them sing. I've used an eclectic assortment of complimenting, but not matching beads, which to my mind always adds to the interest. La Mer has a seashell, a heart ( I love the sea), a pair of lentils and a hand shaped squeezed bead with dark blue goldstone, swarovskis and sterling beads and clasp. $92.00
While it's difficult to capture all the detail and color depth in these beads there really is alot of variety and interest with pattern, color and the little silver clam shells remain the constant to pull it all together with a touch of consistancy.

I love the way the beautiful vintage swarovski elongated teardrop charm helps the other colors to pop, and brightens the whole design--while reminding you of the azure blue in the sea and the sky--more turbulent than calm, is my little romance of the sea--La Mer.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Strolling on the Beach...

Simple design with beautiful reactive silver glass and sterling silver findings--Half Moon Bay $85.00
I had to try out something with my reactive glass beachy beads, so here's the finished product. My friend, lampwork artist, Tiffany McCoy made these beads--I think it was her one and only try at putting figurals on lentils, and I like what she did with them, although it's a bit difficult to see the details in a picture this small. I was happy with the way the clasp and the sterling seashell charm seem to match so well in this very simple design, and I love the colors she got out of this glass, as well.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


May you have a beautiful Easter day full of bounteous blessings and love.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At Long Last....

I was beginning to think I might never get back to my work bench, but finally yesterday I seized the afternoon as my own and set out to play with my little treasures. The result was ISLAND DREAMS REVISITED. Bright pastels, summer breezes and memories in technicolor come to mind with a myriad of charms--14 artisan lampwork beads by Cassie Barrigan, with assorted gemstone, pearl, resin, swarovski crystal and czech glass charms set the tone. Sterling findings, of course, all designed to put a smile on your face.
I've noticed that when I take a few weeks without doing jewelry, I lose my confidence in my abilities and the longer I wait the more hesitant I am to get started again. I've found that when that happens, I have to start with something familiar--a creative jumpstart of sorts. Usually it just takes a little time--getting the tools and findings in my hands and I'm ready to plunge back into my work. Then the ideas start coming. I love color and wanted to think springtime so I dug out some of Cassie's colorful beads and did a bracelet that puts a smile on my face and hope you feel the same. Now those seashell beads are calling my I have to grab a window of time again today and see what comes together.

I LOVE these colors--they just make me smile---nothing new, or sophisticated, but the perfect wrist art for your sundresses, beachwear and evoking memories of lighthearted pleasure--whether on a tropical island or your own backyard.