Monday, March 1, 2010

A MishMash of Stash

Sooo....maybe you're wondering where I disappeared to this past couple of weeks. Not all that interesting, but I've been crazy busy going thru every drawer, closet, nook and cranny around here cleaning up, clearing out and getting rid of all kinds of things. Craft projects gone astray, decor items that no longer fit my style, books I'll never read again, clothes that will never fit again. It seems like I am endlessly 're-evaluating' my needs and wants against one another and trying to detatch myself from the sentimentality of my possessions.
I seem to declutter in stages, only being able to give up so much at a time, then after a bit of a rest, I realize there was more that could/should go and it's back to the destash game for me. It's sometimes amazing the things I find that I didn't remember I the lovely carved goose egg collection I bought several years ago, thinking I would make some fabulous panorama eggs to gift and decorate at Easter with...but they were stashed in a corner and long forgotten, now they are in my etsy store-- hoping they are just what someone is looking for...if not, off to goodwill they will go very soon...

And what about this exquisite handpainted plate from the late 1800's by Carl hasn't seen the light of day for a few years. I just don't use as many beautiful chotzkies around the house for decorating now, but haven't been able to bear to part with it, until this installment of now it's off to ebay to see if someone else can't live without it and give me more cupboard space to fill, lol.

And what could this be??? It takes up lots of room and hasn't been used for at least 10 years or so--a lovely stainless samovar from Russia that I brought back from my travels to Moscow and St Petersburg circa Peristroika. I have two---and I have finally decided that is one too many, so it's soon on it's way out the door--anyone here looking for a lovely Russian samovar (it's electric--with Russisan plugs though). I'm not shipping it back to Russia, but surely it will find a good home,...or not. (what is the market in Southern California for Russian Samovars, by the way?)

And my silk ribbon flowers...brooches, shoe clips and more used to be my passion. I made them like a crazy woman and gifted all my friends, had one in every color to match my wardrobe, etc...but alas they all must go. Gathering dust in box, unloved and untouched for much too long I am finally able to say adieu and off to etsy these go as well.
Now you know---the answer to what I've been doing all these many days---sifting thru memories and letting them go--hundreds of them, all off to ebay, etsy, secondhand stores and far, far away. Moving forward and decluttering my life, yet just a few more cobwebs out of my life and trashing the stash! See you as soon as I can get out from under this avalanche of abundance.


Pretty Things said...

I love love love the flowers!

Ruthie said...

I hope your able to sell some of these old treasures - I know the pain of trying to do destash!

Jenny J-V said...

Oh, girl!! I love that you're buried in an "avalanche of abundance"! haaaa Doesn't it feel wonderful to discover little treasures? I know it's hard to say goodbye to some of them...but, kudos to you for taking the plunge! That's the one good thing about being military...I have to move every couple of years so my stashes have to stay in control...but I still have about 100 baskets, forty bazillion bead containers, and all the notes that my high school boyfriend passed me in studyhall! haaaaaaaa
Take care & enjoy the memories...Jen

Rickie said...