Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's the World Coming Too???

Well, did you fall off your chair--two posts in one week! I was so inspired working with Judy's beads that I've decided to put three new listings in my estsy store. Two of my gemstone necklaces strung on silk cord and knotted that are long enough to double as a two strand or wear opera length at 36". This first piece is delightfully whimsical with multi-shaped gemstones of all variety---peridot, aquamarine, garnet,carnelian, rose quartz, smokey quartz,turquoise and freshwater pearls to name a few.
Then there is this one, with turquoise briolettes. These necklaces are wonderful to layer together as well. The turquoise necklace has a sterling toggle clasp, and the multi-gemstone has a vermeil toggle.
Love this 39" lariat made with faceted labradorite rondells that have been wirewrapped with sterling silver into a gemstone chain and finished off with two beautiful champaign colored freshwater pearls. Quite the statement on.


Pretty Things said...

You HAVE to teach me how to knot. I've done it once and I lost my mind.

Rickie said...

I'm not an expert, but I have to say,once I got started it's really addicting and extremely relaxing.