Friday, August 10, 2012

Drag Me into the 21st Century

Ah, yes, I'm on vacation this week and my niece is trying to bring me into the social media age by helping me set up a facebook page AND getting me to put together some pinterest boards.  I barely maintain my blog and my etsy store, but she assures me it will be fun to add these two components to my play  here's my pinterest link if you're into pinterest....

Follow Me on Pinterest

When I get back home in September, I'll be putting together a little contest using my new facebook page and pinterest for a giveaway of a new piece of jewelry I'll be designing just for this check back if you're interested! 

Yes, and where do you go on vacation when you live at the beach--why to the midwest and 112 degrees summer days, of course!  Visiting family trumps the weather....

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