Monday, November 26, 2012


Congrats Norma, you've won the holiday bracelet from my drawing and Mandy, you're the runner up and will be getting something too.   Seems it wasn't a difficult decision---there were only two of you!  I'm afraid I've managed to lose all my followers with my comings and goings the past two years---so thanks to you two for hanging in there.  Norma, email me your address to and I'll get your bracelet right out to you.  Mandy, I think I have yours here somewhere for your winning.   Love you gals!

                                             THANKS FOR PLAYING THE GAME! 


moonlitfantaseas said...

Hi Rickie
I emailed you my address...thank you so much for the great give away! I am so excited to have won, and look forward to wearing the beautiful bracelet all winter long!
thanks again!

Ada Cao said...

hello I love your blog very much and Can I have a link from your blog or one review to my jewelry shop ? And I will happy to ship you some of my products for the review or link for free! Feel free to Find something you like on my shop please.

Rickie said...

Thanks Ada, looks like you have lots of pretty things for sale in your storefront!