Friday, November 20, 2009


Well the last drawing turned out really well and I appreciated all the grateful hearts that responded by sharing a few of the blessings in their here is another drawing with an opportunity to win these gorgeous carved pink amethyst and gold filled earrings. They are simple, but elegant and I hope you'll like them well enough to play along again. These lovely carved and faceted stones over 10mm and about 10 carats total weight.

Here's the deal--All you have to do to enter is comment on my blog with your favorite holiday and why you like it best. I'll be doing the drawing on December 1st to don't dwadle--get your comments in there!

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Shelly said...

Ricki, Your blog is great! I love all the holidays, but Thanksgiving is so traditional. One of the ways I show my gratitude to my family is just to try to include everyone's favorites in the meal. It is not a holiday to leave anything out, but new recipes are certainly welcome. I find it fascinating that strangers you meet in the grocery store are buying the turkey and some of the same ingredients. It's a holiday that unites the American family.

Kristen said...

Rickie, your designs are so classy...simple or not! :) My favorite holiday is 4th of July! Silly, I know... but it's the fireworks and the sparklers and the kids faces when they see all the awesome colors in the sky. Oh, and their little squeals when they go BOOM! The laughter is contagious, and I just love it! :)

Elizabeth said...

The easy answer is Christmas, but the last few years Thanksgiving is drawing much closer to my heart. It surprised me a couple of years ago to hear our older teenaged son tell me that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. When I asked why, he remarked that of course he loved the food, but the closeness with family was the best. We don't travel and hustle and bustle about at Thanksgiving time. It's just about being together and being truly thankful. It touched my heart. So my vote goes to Thanksgiving, too.


ShaLayne Originals said...

Well, I have to say Christmas is my favorite--I love everything about it, but especially that it is in celebration of Christ's birth. I also adore all the snowmen, gingerbread men, candy canes, Santa Claus, snowflakes, etc. that comes with it! I of course love to get presents, but my absolute favorite thing is being able to give presents--love it!!

NovoDogs said...

This is a hard one, I've always loved Christmas since I was a child. The most important is the religious celebration of the birth of Jesus and gift to us of forgiveness and salvation. I do also love the gift giving because I enjoy making people happy and it's always fun when you give someone something that makes them happy, to see their excitement, it makes you feel good. I love the family get together's, the dinners, the good times w/people you love. I do like Thanksgiving for the same reasons but I think my favs are tied, Easter and Christmas. Easter obviously again for religious reasons and because some of my favorite memories are of my daughter in her little easter dresses and hats/bonnets with her cute little white gloves. :) She is 23 yrs old now and sporting a mohawk, lol Oh how I miss those those dresses and bonnets, lol

Kimberly said...

Rickie, your blog is lovely! I am a Christmas lover. I think it's all of the traditions tied up into one from the gift giving, the baking, the big meal, the decorations. This holiday has it all in my opinion!

Monica said...

What a fun blog!

I'd have to say Christmas is my favorite because we get to see more family and friends. The Christmas lights look beautiful at night and the songs fill my heart with joy. The baking is fun, too, and the house is filled with the wonderful scents!

Mandy said...

Ooooh, pretty! I want to enter yet again :) My favorite holiday (as if you didn't know) is definitely CHRISTMAS! I love celebrating the birth of Christ, being with family, the wonderful music, the yummy food, the gifts, the tree, and just the wonderful spirit of the season.

Chasing Davies said...

pretty pretty earrings!

My fav holiday is Christmas because it's filled with family, cheer, games and suprises!

sparkle*fly said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite - the family gets all together (finally!)and we remember to appreciate the big and little things - especially the things we take for granted.

Loving all your creations (as usual!)You have such a flair for the dramatic!

Pam said...

Beautiful earrings and I always love reading your Blog Rickie! My favorite Holiday is Christmas! Starting with decorating, pulling out the boxes everything is stored in. I start outside decorating my front porch, It is almost like meditating for me. I quietly pull out the lights and step ladder, sometimes my kids will come and help me. Mostly they would hand me things, I would make hot chocolate and we would be outside in the cold we would sing as I and sometimes my Husband would get the job done. Then we would all go out to out cul de sac and look at the house, I would always pray and talk about being thankful for what we have. Then my Husband would put the lights on the tree sometimes we had two to decorate and what fun to pull out decorations the kids had made through the years. We would laugh and I would and still do get so emotional. I think Christmas is a renewing time for me at least, it makes me stop and think how lucky I am that I am a Christian and how much I appreciate the gift of Jesus Christ. I am so happy that I will be doing this again this week- I feel like a little kid again! I wish you a peaceful Holiday - thank you for making me reflect even if for a moment- on the things that make my life so much better!
Take Care,
Pam Andes

Heather said...

You have beautiful pieces!!!
My favorite holiday is Christmas, like so many other people! It is just a special time for family, good food and remembering what really matters.
My second favorite is the Fourth of July...for the same reasons! :)