Friday, September 10, 2010

Emily and Diego

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Yes, I know, the wedding was two months ago....and I'm just finally posting a few pictures from the wonderful event. More about my summer later on, let's just say, it's been interesting and rootless. So take a look at the highlight of the summer--Emily and Diego's wedding in Brazil. There were two 'weddings' and a reception. As many of you know, marriage in the temple is typically the only ceremony for an LDS couple, but Brazilian law requires a government representative be at all weddings to be legally valid. So on Friday morning we had a very small family 'legal' marriage (to satisfy the government of Brazil) at the Vila Sao Francisco where we stayed in Sao Paulo. Immediately after we departed for the 'real wedding', Emily and Diego's wedding/sealing in the Sao Paulo Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This was a small intimate family wedding as well, which is in keeping with our LDS tradition. (Our weddings are more the making of sacred covenants than a big party.) The day was flying by and after a few pictures on the temple grounds, it was time to return to the Vila Sao Francisco for the wedding reception. Thankfully winters in Sao Paulo are mild, although often rainy...but the rain held off, the guests came and we celebrated their nuptials with a wonderful evening of family and friends on the glass covered patios of our lovely Sao Paulo vila. The bride and groom were glowing and it was a beautiful day, filled with love, and the hopes, dreams, and prayers for a life filled with love and happiness for the beautiful Emily and Diego.


Kristen said...

Rickie! So nice that you are blogging again! Loved the pictures, it looked like a wonderful ceremony! Your daughter made an absolutely beautiful bride! :)

Manuela said...

Dear Rickie,

thanks for letting us be with you at the wedding ♥, lovely pictures, you have such a beautiful daughter.

So nice to hear again from you,
big hug from me

Rickie said...

Thanks Kristen--it really was a wonderful day and so lovely of you to still check in on me--it's been a crazy summer and a looong time since I've blogged.

Manuela, so good to hear from you and thank you for caring enough to touch base! Our Emily was a beautiful bride (just ask her mother, lol) and is a joy of a daughter! Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

I, too, have been checking and hoping you'd be back soon and sharing a picture or two. What a treat it is to see the slideshow. Thank you for sharing it all with us. I love the joy and love in everyone's eyes!

Rickie said...

Hi Elizabeth, so good to hear from you. It was a beautiful day after a crazy week!

Pretty Things said...

They look so happy and she's so beautiful!

Rickie said...

Thanks Lori--I need to get back into the swing in our exchange group again, after being awol for the summer!