Friday, March 27, 2015

Every now and then I check in here and realize blogging regularly isn't my 'thing'.  I don't give it up entirely, but my posts are so random that I'm pretty much talking to myself!  :-)  That's okay, at least it gives me a record looking back at when I'm actually designing (at intervals that are becoming further and further apart).  This week I got the 'jewelry bug' again.  Some of my lampwork artist friends are luring me back with stunning beads that make my fingers itch--Julie Wong Sontag, Lori Lochner, Tiffany McCoy and two new to me, Russian artists--  Anastasiya Krylova, and Polina.  I also have some new bronze and brass findings from a wonderful designer==Anna Chernykh.  The Russian artists seem to be blossoming in profusion recently and I could spend hours admiring their work at the Russian 'Esty'  We'll see if I can keep the muse alive long enough to bring some of my ideas to fruition of if the muse will fizzle and sputter along.  Here's a sample of what I'm working on... You can see more on my facebook page--  or my etsy store   It's all Tiffany today, but I'm working on something with Lori's and Julie's beads that I hope will be ready for prime time soon! 
Necklace with artisan lampwork by Tiffany McCoy, bronze findings by Anna Chernykh, Afghan lapis lazuli heishi and Arizona turquoise.
 Bracelet featuring artisan lampwork by Tiffany McCoy with rough cut Amazonite slice wheel beads and 22k gold vermeil.
  Copper bracelet featuring lampwork by Tiffany McCoy and my own hand forged link with a pearl and Swarovski charm. 


rps said...

Glad to see you back at your art work. rps

Rickie said...

Thanks! I'm enjoying a little time to create again. :-)