Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Our pumpkins from last night--carving them is a family tradition we all look forward to!

We finally got a taste of autumn today with a windy, rainy day, and even some thunder and lightening--which we consider a rare treat along the coast of southern California. It wasn't quite a blustery day, but almost! My back yard is full of leaves and the dog and cat have been snuggled in the warm house all day, not at all interested in spending the afternoon outside and I couldn't agree more! My hubby and daughter went off to the coloseum to watch the USC Trojan's play football--it's that time of year, but I happily stayed behind with a cozy blanket and cup of hot cider for a lazy afternoon! I hope you are having just the kind of weekend you enjoy whatever that is. I'll try to have some new eye candy for you before this next week is over

Have you noticed that my blog has gotten several embellishments in the past couple of day? That is thanks to my friend Tiffany McCoy. You might know her for her fabulous lampwork--she's a superstar with reactive glass, and also a wizard on the computer. She's set me up with all sorts of widgets and I'm feeling much happier now about moving my blog and starting over. She has some pretty snazzy blogs of her own and a beautiful website--check out her goodies at (see that silverglass seashell--I have some of those!)

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Jelveh Designs said...

wow the pumpkins are awesome...and so is your blog...