Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arabian Nights

Well, this bangle feels very exotic to me with its quintet of slender sterling bangles all tied together with a quartet of charms--an amethyst gemstone encrusted 18mm sterling Bali bead (eight 6mm X 4mm faceted stones! ) and the additional 8mm carnelian and 12mm amethyst briolettes, as well as one more granulated sterling Bali bead to complete the grouping of charms. The Arabian Nights $73.00 color combination is beautiful and dramatic and this design will add a pop of color to any outfit as well and just a hint of exotic romance.

Daughter, Emily, is off to New York City this evening to visit with her college roommate for the long weekend. What's wrong with this picture??? She's leaving sunshine-y 80 degree Southern California for a few days in biting 20 degree cold and snow...what is that girl thinking!!!! Bhrrrrrrrh! Hope she enjoys her trip to winter! lol


Jelveh Designs said... always your work is gorgeous...

Rickie said...

Thank you Jelveh--I really appreciate you! So are you back from your holiday in Northern Cali?