Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have A Heart

Well, I held onto this little stash of beads for awhile. Love the 'Lily Pulitzer' colors of spring green and pink. I think it's because they remind so much of my garden in the back yard with all the pink roses that I love. Two artist's beads contributed to this design--Jena Fulcher and Barbara Gorko. They both have a way with florals that I love. Have A Heart $81.00 has only applied florals--little rosettes and forget-me-nots on transparent and opaque bases with some rubino encase with the green dots for a little pop. These are so delicate and well done that I love the feminine look you get while mixing them with the other lampwork and silver in this piece. I take great pleasure in choosing just the right silver pieces to compliment the lampwork---I hope you can feel the love that goes into every design.
Today's a great day to express your appreciation to someone you care about. There are so many people around us that make life better. Reach out with a hug, a smile or a thank you and brighten someone else's day...and make your own better for the doing!

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