Saturday, March 28, 2009

Check out my daughter, Emily's new landscape blog...scroll to the bottom of her blog to see a video she made--

Oh, my goodness...what is happening to the time---it flies by with never a minute lately to play with my jewerly. I'll have to share something besides jewelry with you today. If you have a minute stop by my daughter's new blog. She is a landscape designer here in Los Angeles and just started a new blog. If you scroll down to the bottom of her blog , you can see a video she submitted for a new landscape design show to be produced for TV. Who knows where that will go, but in the meantime you'll get a great idea of her personality and why I'm so blessed to be her mother. She's a very talented artist and landscape designer as well as an all around lovely person.
She'll be adding video's of landscaping hints before long to her blog, so if landscaping is one of your interests, you might want to check back periodically to see what she has to say!

Click here to go to her blog---


Kristen said...

Your daughter is just beautiful! I watched her video too! Such a charming personality! I hope she gets picked for a TV Show, I think she would be great at it! She looked very comfortable in front of the camera! I'm going to add her blog to my favorites! :)

Rickie said...

Thanks Kristen--that's so nice of you! She's just as sweet as she is pretty! (You can't tell I'm proud of her, ey)