Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet Sunday Afternoon

This is sure to take you to your happy place, put a smile on your face and a little rhythm in your soul. Well, I don't know how to do this I'll just put in a link that I hope works...

I've been knee deep in a project to redo our home office, so a little computer downtime is just part of the package. I'm really planning on getting to my jewelry this week. I'll be doing a jewelry class with 10 year olds on Tuesday, which I think will be alot of fun, and very low stress. I'll try to remember to take pictures to share!

HUGS and happy Sunday!

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Kristen said...

Oh Rickie, I love that video! I've seen it before and it really just gets you tappin' your toes and feeling happy! Thanks so much for sharing! :) It's just what I needed this morning.