Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot Tip....or not....

If you drop by often you may have noticed that I'm partial to ocean themes and seashells. I obviously love the lampwork seashells I have in my treasure trove, but have you noticed I use alot of very pretty sealife castings as well?
If you've noticed my handcast leadfree pewter pieces and admired them--here's the hot tip--the artist is Jeff Mitchell, and his company is Drummercove. For the longest time I've been calling him Jeff Drummer...duh...but really the last name is Mitchell. His studio is in Wellfleet, on Cape Cod, and he obviously has access to some wonderful sealife specimens. (did you notice the little seahorse in my Moonlight Bay post--his too!)

Typically I prefer sterling silver and other precious metals, but these are such lovely quality, with a wonderful variety of sizes that they are well worth making an exception for. Here's just a small sample of what he has available. Check out his website for a wonderful -- Jeff hand casts all his pieces using the exact shape of shells and sea life in his collection with wonderful detail. He also sells finished earrings, as well as components.

Here's a back view of the pieces to show you just how authentic and nicely finished the back sides of his pieces are, as well as the fronts. I especially love his sand dollars--the backs are too beautiful to never see! So the next time you're looking for something special that speaks to the sea, check him out. Oh, and another nice finishing touch is that he signs his pieces on the back with his initials--makes a nice statement about his committment to detail and hand casting.
I'm not affiliated with him in any way---just a very happy customer who thought I'd share with my friends!


Kristen said...

Beautiful pieces! Thanks so much for sharing his info! Your necklace is stunning! Really like it!

Rickie said...

Thanks Kristen!