Monday, June 1, 2009

If April Showers bring May flowers...what does June bring???

Well, the iris are definitely all spent now, as well as the daffodils, calla lilies, and camellias, so early May's flowers are followed by...

...June swoon. The marine layer leaves us with cool overcast mornings and hot sunny afternoons. All my beautiful spring flowers have been spent and wilted in the hot sun already, and taken me down the path of summertime in the high dessert.

I love my pretty spring flowers with their riot of color, but I'm equally happy with the color I get as summer follows. My personal landscaper (daughter- Emily)helped me find lots of drought resistant and eco friendly plantings that give me color all summer---lavendar, statis, a few society garlic and phormium,.

Low water, low maintance and they make me feel like I have my own little park in the back yard--earthy and comfortable--like summer itself!
P.S. Laurie Smith is have a little jewelry competition over on her site--vote for your favorite lampwork bracelet design--go take a peek and vote! Better yet, starting Friday she will be taking entries for her lampwork necklace competition--enter something you love that you have made and join the fun!!


Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous of your having your own landscaper. :) Does she weed, too?

She does beautiful work. Nice job, Emily!

Rickie said...

Actually sometimes she does! She definitly 'tweaks' things for me--like prunes trees when she see's it's needed, trims things back, doesn't ignore an unslightly weed when she walks by, but stops to uproot it! It's all very nice--I've always seemed to kill everything--hence the " low maintenance' request when she re-did the yard for us! Now it all thrives pretty much on it's own!