Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a little something new from me in aquamarine and pink, loaded with granulated Bali sterling embellishments. Wear it on a chain or a silk ribbon when you're feeling like a little girly embellishment around your neck.
I was still playing with my Swarovski crystals from Artbeads when I picked up this sweet lampwork bead. I purchase a small set from a artisan on etsy named Diane (no last name) a couple of months ago. She had used a tutorial she purchase from Linda Muell to make the beads and I liked the colors very much. They had been sitting off to the side and as I was playing with my pretty aquarmarine briolettes my fiddling brought me to this pendant.
I loaded three different, diminishing sizes of bead caps together for a very frufru ornate bead cap and tied it altogether with an aquamarine Swarovski on either end. The bead is very 'watercolor'-y in styled and the colors are quite vivid, in spite of the fact that it is etched, which typically mutes color quite a bit. Here's an idea of how to wear it on a silk ribbon, but a pretty sterling silver chain would work just as well.

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