Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh Artful Day...I Got to Play

I did something this week that I rarely give myself permission to do---started a project with no particular goal in mind. I hadn't worked with Swarovski crystal beads
for awhile, except as spacers. When I received an offer to try some samples from imagine my surprise to find these beautiful briolettes. (guess I haven't looked at crystals for awhile!) I couldn't resist getting a closer look and this is what happens when I free play with pretty crystals.
I love the chandelier and teardrop cut briolettes that I found in the swarki pendant section at artbeads--Swarovski pendants . Although I love working with gemstones, there were some unexpected pluses to the Swarovski's--great price points, larger beading holes and perfect consistancy of size, clarity and sparkle (and I didn't break any beads while trying my heavy handed wirewrapping, hooray!). They won't replace my gems, but you'll be seeing more of these great shapes in my future designs. My only complaint is the limited size and color selection--some of my favorites were missing.

Hands down my favorite is what I call a chandelier cut--the Swarovski Teardrop (6000) shape. I used a pair of the 13mm size, combined with a 17mm teardrop 6010 Swarovski Briolette for the necklace. I love the combination of tanzanite, aquamarine and amethyst crystals--they are such great gemmy colors. The gold vermeil and goldfilled findings give them warmth and a nice pop.

Shhhh! I did have to sneak, in a pair of my amethyst gemstones from my stash, to go with these aquamarine Swarovski's--because I decided they needed a little company. No comments needed on my wirewraps. As long as I was trying out something new, I decided to work on my 'messy' wraps...and I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams..just not the way I'd intended. They are messy, but not quite the 'artful messy look' I was going for. Definitely need a little work in that area. (time to go get some copper wire and practice, practice, practice...and then work from now on with dead soft, not half hard wire!)


Manuela said...

Awwww, you know what I like best? The wire wrapping around ... it gives the best contrast and it is a good eyecatcher.

Rickie said...

Thanks Manuela! I'm working on those wraps-I appreciate the encouragement! :-)

Mandy said...

These might be some of my favorite pieces you have made. LOVE the colors and how they work together.

Rickie said...

Thanks Sweet Mandy! It's always good to know that you like ;-)!! How's my grandson doing today???