Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We're havin' a Heat Wave.....

We're definitely having a heat wave today! 100 degrees and counting. Ahh, there's nothing like Autumn in the high desert--Santa Ana winds ripping thru the canyons, parching the hills and byways, and of course there is always the obligatory fire with the fragrance of smoke wafting thru the valley. And so it begins..
Yes, this is the bracelet I mentioned yesterday and below is my knarly hand--veins, freckles and all! I love these beads, even though getting a good picture is practically impossible! The lampwork focals are by Julie Wong, one of my favorites, who alas doesn't torch very often anymore. These little treasures remind me of pressed flowers--each one different and special in it's own way. The colors include every shade of purple from palest lilac and lavendar, to rich wine and amethyst. Tied together with black Swarovski crystals and tiny vermeil beads, it's finished with briolette charms of carved pink amethyst and rutilated quartz. A hand model I do not make, but I love the contrast of asymetrical quirkiness and elegance in this finished design.


Manuela said...

You are a handmodel dear Rickie, I love hands that are telling stories :-) and yours is beautiful as the bracelet is,


Rickie said...

Ah Manuela! You always have the best perspective and brighten my day!