Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who says I can't multi-task!!!

Remember the beads I was waiting on to use my new Swarkies from with? They arrived and this is how the design turned out. It's almost an embarassment of riches, getting to work with Manuela Wutschke's exquisite beads one week and Jena Fulcher's the next!
This was a custom order for a chacha charm necklace loaded up with dazzling lampwork and other pretty things! Jena's Oceania beads are in yummy colors, so it was easy on the eyes to play with these lovelies!

A few earring sample ideas for my customer to choose from and it's almost ready to ship!
Now it's back to the kitchen cabinets--they're stained, sanded and ready for their clear coat if the weather cooperates--rain in the forecast...but my kitchen needs to be put back in order! The new faucet is in, the walls are all I need are some doors on my cupboards and it's almost done. Maybe then I can make something new for my etsy store..or maybe just find another project to tackle!

p.s. remember I love free shipping? Well, now purchases over $75 go out free priority mail with a 24 hour turnaround...just what I need when I find myself short of a few elements for my design work and don't want to drive into downtown LA and the traffic zoo!


Manuela said...

Oh yes, you are the MultitaskQueen :-)),

Kristen said...

Rickie! Killer necklace!! WOW! I love the colors in there. Jena's beads are to die for! I love working with them too, they are magical. I picked my favorite earring from the samples!! :) I'm sure your customer will love her new neclace set! Great job!

Rickie said...

Thanks, Manuela and Kristen!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous, as always!

Rickie said...

Thanks Elizabeth! How are you doing?