Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost there...

Sneak preview (the blue painters tape is still on the ceiling, and every thing isn't put away...but here's an idea of what has been happening in my kitchen...used a black stain(stained instead of painted so the grain would show thru, not seeing it in this picture too well though..) on my old oak cabinets and put on some weathered chrome hardware, took down the old fashioned wallpaper...will take a better picture when it's all put together...but this is the work in progress....It's going to be such an improvement over the old step is change the ceiling lights in the ceiling and lighting under the cabinets, but that may take awhile to get finished...I'd forgotten how much fun and work it is, to take on a project like this...why don't I do it more often these days...and why I don't do it more often these!!!

Here's a smokey quartz necklace I made for my sister on a silk cord...she'd seen something like it, described the style and asked if I could do it for her--not too impressive in the picture, but it does look nice that I've figured out knotting...I'll have to do some more things with knots...thank goodness for online tutorials, lol!!!

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Elizabeth said...

I love the yellow in your kitchen, Rickie. Yellow is so bright and cheerful (my favorite color). The cabinets are gorgeous.

And so is the necklace!