Saturday, June 2, 2012

Up On My Roof

Here's proof positive that the best room in the house isn't a conventional room at all, but my rooftop deck!  I have a great 360 degree view---the beach, ocean and Channel Islands to the west and the harbour with the mountains in the background to the east.  If I want to chase away the blues, breathe some fresh air, seek inspiration or just mellow out--this is the place to be.  It's the perfect perch to watch the sunset, the sailboats, the seagulls and pelicans in flight or just sit quietly and enjoy my lunch. It's the perfect perch to listen to the sealions, the roar of the surf, and the wail of the fog horn. I can be alone or invite 50 of my closest  friends to join me (it's also the largest 'room' in the house).  Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, no matter the time of year there is always something beautiful to enjoy up on my roof. 


Will Peartin said...

I love listening to sea lions, Rickie, especially when they bark rapidly, because it only means that they are excited. You should bring your friends to your roof someday. I'm sure they'll enjoy the sound as much as you do. :)

Will Peartin

Kip said...

Aah, the pleasing benefits of being up on the roof. ^^, That view is attractive. Aren’t you tempted to go to the beach every time you’re up there? I know I would if I got the chance to be on your roof. The view on the second photo reminds me of Spring Break, and it somehow makes we want to go for a little swim.

Kip Whitehead

Lue Madson said...

What a view! I think I would give anything just to be in your place. With my own paradise on the roof, I can watch the stars at night and listen to the calming sound of the sea’s waves. Now, that’s the best thing ever!

Lue Madson

Merissa Blust said...

I read on a magazine that the sea lion population is increasing and is putting the survival of some endangered species, like salmon and steelhead, at risk. I hope the concerned groups could do something about it. Anyway, I agree with Kip and the rest of the commenters: The view from the roof is quite attractive, indeed. :)

Merissa Blust

Joann Winton said...

You’re really lucky, Rickie! It’s nice that your roof can serve you a lot of purposes. Just remember to look out for it every once in a while. If a lot of shindigs happen on your roof, it’s exposed to different elements, thereby accelerating its deterioration. And, I think you’d agree with me if I said that it’s unpleasant to stay under a damaged roof. :)

Joann Winton

Son Lakhani said...

That was a heartfelt comment, Merissa. Sea lions are my favorite animals, you know. I also find the view from the roof quite attractive. With a roof like that, having a cup of coffee while reading a newspaper wouldn't be bad every morning. :)

Son Lakhani