Thursday, June 14, 2012

That's What Families Do

Me, Pam and Klea
Last week we took a last minute road trip to visit with my husband's mother.  She had become quite ill and needed some help so we took off for the mountains of Utah to see what we could do.  After our fourth day there she was able to sit up in her living room with a valiant effort,  and we got to listen and watch a travel log of her sister Pam's, Mediterranean cruise.  Klea missed the cruise but due to her health issues, and was eager to see every picture and hear every detail of that missed trip. When we were thru she wanted to see it again...very soon...when she's feeling a little stronger.

Klea with two of her son's--Chris and my husband, Mitch.  Look at the big smiles.  I'm pretty sure that is the biggest smile of the week.  She was so grateful and happy to see two of her 'boys', and know how much they cared about her. We all worked hard at arranging what was needed for her daily needs, and making her room more livable with her health changes.  The best thing was an adjustable bed, so she will be able to sit up and hopefully get up while she's working on getting better.  Then the best  thing was the safety net of help that was available to help her stay in her home. with her cat and familiar things nearby.  Holding good thoughts that she will be able to stay home where she wants to be with the extra help she'll be getting.  Many thanks to good people--friends, volunteers, extended family and  medical personal who serve with care and compassion.

Lately, my husband and I have talked about how blessed we are to have all four of our parents still living, all of them in the mid to late 80's.  They enrich our lives with their examples and it is especially nice for our children to have four loving grandparents.  Giving thanks for the blessings of family today and every day!  FAMILIES ARE FOREVER

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