Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nothin' But Blue Skys

 Nothin' but blue skys....well, a girl can hope can't she?  Might as well give the power of positive thinking a chance!  At least this bracelet makes me think of sunshine and blue skys with it's vibrant colors.  It's been a wonderful week here at Hollywood Beach, so you won't hear me complainin'
Okay pink and coral, fuschia and tangerine...go together like love and marriage.  At least I've always felt that way.  For awhile that was my signature color combo--I've always loved they way they look--I even have a heavy woven bed throw from Italy with those colors that I got from my mother when I was in high that's old school!  These gorgeous lampwork beads from Manuela Wutschke are definitely NOT old school!  They inspired me to combine them with freshwater pearls and turquoise for a necklace you're sure to love. 

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