Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Comes Love....Then Comes Marriage...

Well, that's the order of things when I was a girl...and one I am still a firm believer in. A little of my romantic side in this Hawaiian Honeymoon bracelet. I knew the minute I saw these seashells by Judy Carlson that I wanted pearls and sweetness. They just reminded me of something for a beach wedding. There is a lady back east who makes sugar seashells for wedding cakes that I just drool over--and these delicate shells look like they've been sugared on top and are good enough to eat! I love the color and the way they are etched and 'sugared' on top--just totally feminine and perfect for the softer side of 'beachy' goodness.
If you're thinking June Wedding at the beach, wouldn't these be just perfect for your bridesmaids to wear? Or any other time or place for that matter!