Thursday, May 7, 2009

Channeling the Beach Boys..or something like that!

I haven't posted for sooo long...I was out of town for awhile and just not inspired for awhile...but this week I've hit the ground running with a batch of seashells from lampwork artist,Judy Carlson--I'm not a total least not this week, so far.... Here's one...might as well string them out so I have something to post while I'm working on other things....Love the blush on this coral-tangeriney glass that she used to make the shells...combined it with some turquoise and coral lentils from my stash, swarovskis and little Thai silver shells for a fun piece....
So why 'Girl from Ipanema'...guess I have Brazil on the brain. My daughter just returned from three weeks in Brazil and so I decided to use a Rio beach in celebration of her return home safe and sound. She wasn't quite ready to come home..but, isn't that a good trip, when you leave still wishing for just a little more time to enjoy your visit? She stayed with friends in Sao Paulo, Rio and Fortaleza and their generous hospitality made the time pass much too quickly. So, my salute to Brazil--Girl from Ipanema.

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