Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thunder Bay

Don't you love the wonderful colors in these lampwork beads by Dawn Scannell? These are just gorgeous with the color being truer in this top picture...for some reason on the white background they washed out a little, but there are a myriad of nuances in these stunning beads. I've pared them with hand hammered and forged links and rings and an adjustable clasp. The charms are bronze coin pearls, apatite, amethyst and fire cz briolettes to pop some of the colors from the beads. THUNDER BAY $110.00
The colors look a little more muted in this picture, but you can really see the details on the beads--a conch shell, a starfish and a very whimsical sand dollar.


Jelveh Designs said...

oh I like this one a lot...yummy colors and shapes you put together there...very nice

Laura said...

GORGEOUS!! Nicely done, as always! I love your jewelry!!

Kristen said...

great design! I am loving all the shell shapes! :)

Rickie said...

Thank you Jelveh, I think Dawn got a multitude of colors out of this raku.

Thanks Laura--how are you doing! I think of you every time I wear my beautiful pendant you made me!

Thank you Kristen--I've really been on a shell kick getting ready for the Scuba Show in two weeks...though I rarely tire of ocean themes, I might be ready for something else soon--25 pieces with seashells should either get me in the groove or totally out of the mood!

Elizabeth said...

The colors in the coin pearls really make this one "pop!"