Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sailing to Mykonos

Perfect Aegean Sea colors, like the beautiful islands that are sprinkled on the azure sea, this bracelet is loaded with precious treasures--artisan lampwork by Tiffany McCoy, Hilltribe silver seashell charms, gemstones, assorted freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia and all dangling from a fine sterling chain with sterling clasp by Pegasus.
Have you noticed I seem to be thinking about the Mediterranean alot lately? I don't really like cruises--I'm more of a person who likes her feet on terra firma, but I did spend some time in Greece a few years ago, took a short cruise while I was there and if, I say, IF I was feeling like spending some time on the water, those islands would definitely be at the top of my list. The colors are so inviting and the people have a charm all their own. I love the history in Athens, but hated the smog...but the islands, well, they are lovely. I guess I've been thinking about beautiful places alot--I do that when I play with my little treasures---try to remember places and colors and feelings when I'm working on my designs and this week it's been the Greek Isles. Hope you don't mind!

Sailing to Mykonos...only in my dreams. $145.00


Kristen said...

GORGEOUS! :)Makes me want to go on vacation!

Rickie said...

Yeah, me too Kristen..I don't think this is my summer for a Greek Isles cruise though, so I'll just have to pretend! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Mind? I encourage it! Lovely, Rickie!