Friday, July 13, 2012

Falling In Love Again

 It's no secret that I'm crazy about silverglass.  That's why there are several pieces hidden away in my stash that I pull out to admire now and then.  Working with a couple of my special pieces this week just made me fall in love all over again.
 The glass isn't all that easy to work with, just take a survey of lampwork artists and many were frustrated with how finicky the glass was to coax the colors to sing.  These pieces definitely were coaxed into all their glory by lampwork artist, Tiffany McCoy.  She's one of the best with silver glass and I do love these beauties. 
I've combined some boro beads from my stash with th three stunning silver glass beads and used 22k gold vermeil beads and toggle clasp to make the colors pop even more.  Dangling from the toggle is a silverglass seashell and a pacific opal Swarovski and pearl charm for a perfect finishing touch.  Love those beads!

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