Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunset in Paradise Up on My Roof

 Yes, that's how we felt last night when Mitch and I were looking out our living room picture window and saw the beginnings of a beautiful sunset.  We grabbed our cameras and ran upstairs to the rooftop deck to take in the 360 degree spectacular show from Mother Nature.  We were well rewarded for our efforts as you can see.
 This might have been one on my all time most beautiful sunsets.  As the  skys became mor vivid and the clouds seemed to be baking in their glory, I wanted to burst out singing one of my favorites from the cantata Elijah--"The Heavens are telling the glory of God.  The wonder of His works displays the firmament."
This was our view looking towards the sunset northwest across the beach and towards Santa Barbara.
 We really do feel blessed to live in this beautiful place where the wonders of nature are all around us every day.  From our rooftop we get a 360 degree view of mountains, ocean, islands and sand that makes my heart skip a beat on a regular basis.  This picture is facing the Channel Islands and looks out over the ocean.
One final picture looking southeastward over the harbor towards the mountains and away from the sunset.  It was no less spectacular in color--the sky was sooo pink that the reflection on the water in the harbor made it appear pink as well.  I pink ocean afloat with little sailboats bobbling on the water.  So glad we didn't miss this glorious display of heavenly glory.


Allyson Duguay said...

That's why many people really love to go on rooftops before nightfall: to view the beautiful orange sky as the sun goes down. I'm also fond of watching sunsets because that's the best time to climb up to the roof and see other things, like the neighbors' roofs and the town skyline.

Allyson Duguay

Mariam said...

Aww! You really are fortunate to be living in a place with an amazing view of nature, Rickie. And, you can always witness the astonishing sunset from up there! I wish I had that gorgeous view from my rooftop too. Hmm. May I come over to your rooftop to witness the amazing sunset too? :P Lol.

Mariam Freame

Kip said...

Aah, sunset! You know, we have a rooftop in our home and I spend most of my time there, but, never in a hundred years have I encountered an amazing sunset like this. I love the pinkish/reddish tint of the sky. It’s like heaven is going to spread wonders and miracles all over town. :D Anyway, you live in an incredible and perfect spot, Rickie. If I had a view like that on my roof, I will most definitely not leave at all.

Kip Whitehead

Eugene said...

Watching the sunrise, the sunset, the sky or even the stars above are at their most beautiful when you look at them at eye level. I love the first photo! It’s indeed a sunset in paradise! It’s good to see something like this sky's color is somewhat different from the usual blue that we see every time.

Eugene Head

Sierra said...

How lucky you were to be able to capture such a magnificent scene! Your rooftop looks like a good place to hang out after a long, tiring day from work. I just hope there’s some railing on the sides. I’m afraid people might fall off it if they make a wrong step.

Sierra Nordgren