Friday, July 27, 2012

Rockin' the Night Away

Remember I talked awhile ago about my walks on the beach being more like a harvest of rocks from the sea  than a brisk stroll?  Not knowing what I was really going to do with them, I was 'collecting' and collecting and collecting.  I used the biggest ones for decorating and plan to use some to make a bath mat.  I thought about using some for jewelry, but I don't wirewrap very well---not patient enough...and I don't drill either.

Well, I asked my husband if he could drill rocks...he said he'd give it a try and above are the result of his first days efforts in my behalf.  The problem was just drilling thru, meant they all chipped on the back side. They looked great from the front, but those chips weren't quite cutting it.  (punny, huh)

 If at first you don't succeed, read a tutorial and try to follow a few nights later, he invited me on a 'date' to drill rocks.  This time I was ready with my spray bottle of water (to keep the drill bit cool) and he was ready with some 'tile and glass' drill bits...and he only drilled half way thru, then turned the stones over to drill the other side to meet somewhere close to the middle...and woohoo! we had drilled beach rocks...without chips!!! Team Voges--his drill, my spray bottle. And they drilled happily ever after..until our backs hurt from so much fun.

What a guy, you say?  And I agree---what other guy would stand over a drill and get sprayed with water while he drilled rocks for his ditzy wife who wanted them to play with.  He's a keeper for sure, yep, we just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary this week, so I think I'll keep him for awhile longer--an eternity will do.

Oh, by the way, don't worry, we didn't drill all our rocks...there's plenty more where those came from and I know where to get more...whether I need them or not!

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