Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Once Upon A Dream

Don't we all need a little fantasy and romance in our lives now and then. I think it's definitely something that gives us pleasure . Once Upon A Dream $136 is just the accessory to set the dream in motion. As I was working with the pink amethyst gemstones for this piece, it seemed to me that the light color of the stones, and elegance of the design that was coming together totally spoke of romance and elegance. This would be a perfect accessory for the bride or bridesmaid, even mother of--..or maybe to wear out dinner and dancing, to the theater or wear ot to the Oscar's later this month, should you have that coveted invitation. I kept it simple--using only the one gemstone--pink amethyst (truly a soft lavendar color) faceted twist spriral briolettes and large carved oval stones, and beautifully detailed granulated Turkish sterling silver beads, caps and clasp. Perfect for you anytime you're in a romantic mood.
Hopefully you can see from my pictures, that the way the stones are faceted gives a lot of light and sparkle to enhance the gemstones, and the contrast of the darkly emblished sterling silver findings adds drama and some beautiful details to frame the stones.


Elizabeth said...

This beautiful, Rickie!

I just purchased some lovely champagne quartz nuggets online with a similar nod to simple, refined elegance. I can't wait for them to arrive.

Rickie said...

Oh Elizabetj--I love the champagne citrine/quart--such an elegant color. I'll be expecting pictures of the finished design!!!! I'm sure it will be exquisite!

Manuela said...

These are wonderful - just the perfect Valentines Day Gift :-).

Hugs to you,

P. S. Your picture is so lovely, it reminds me of Vivien Leigh

Rickie said...

Thank you Manuela--for both compliments! Have a wonderful weekend!