Friday, February 6, 2009

Sooo...Are you Curious????

Here are the fruits of my labor yesterday--after playing and playing and playing again with the limited stash I had, this is the neckace I made from the beads in the picture I posted yesterday. I was going for something quite long--36" long in fact that was playful and modern. I wanted more artisan lampwork, but I just had to make do with little accents I had. So cinnabar, Bali sterling silver and onyx had to fill in the gaps. Wouldn't it be fun someday to give a half dozen designers the exact same supplies and see what we all come up with. I'm sure there wouldn't be a similar piece in the bunch. That is the really fun thing about jewelry design to me. There is no right or wrong and you can let your own muse sing, as much or as little as you like. Life is like that really, we all have the right to choose our path and wouldn't it be boring if we were all exactly the same??? I certainly think so!

Who said "The world is so full of a number of things, I think we should all be as happy as kings!" Find something to be grateful for today! My list is overflowing.


Elizabeth said...

I don't think I'd do as well, Rickie. It's really beautiful.

Nicely done!

Manuela said...

Oh ... what a great surprise ... you have a Blog, so nice to meet you again.
A lot of hugs from me, I am going to take a walk now here :-).
Hugs from Germany,


Kristen said...

Rickie, I LOVE how you put that all together! Love the clasps in the front, it really gives the piece special charm. Great color combo, and I think it came together beautifully!

Rickie said...

Thank you Elizabeth--I'll bet you would have come up with something beautiful!

Hi, Manuela! Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Thank you Kristen--I really apprecite your praise!

Lunacatjewels said...

Rickie your necklace is beautiful! I love how you put that together. It's gorgeous!

beadweaver said...

I LOVE your work rickie, I always pay special attention to your posts on LE.

Rickie said...

Thank you Diane--don't you also make your own lampwork? Your jewelry creations are lovely!

Beadweaver (Lynne?)--thank you so much!

Fairchild Family said...

Matt need to see you...I love it!!!! You amaze me!