Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tip of the Week--Finishing Touches

So, everybody knows the the perfect accessories can dress even the simplest outfit up or down, right? The right shoes, or purse or jewelry can take you from nice to fabulous.

One of the compliments I've gotten most often on my jewelry designs is---I love your clasps, where did you find them? Clasps are one of my favorite finishing touches and just like the perfect accessory, can take an outfit from nice to fantastic. Just the right clasp can kick your design up a notch. Sometimes I know the exact clasp I'm going to use to finish my design and other times I have to try several clasps before I'm happy with the finished look. Be it plain or very fancy the proportion to the rest of the design is always important, as well making sure the shape of the clasp compliments the beads and gemstones in the design. Also, does it fit the theme of the bracelet or the look I'm going for. Just like a belt is more than just an accessory to hold your pants up, a clasp is more than just a way to keep the bracelet around your wrist. I think the way your finish your designs shows that your care about your creations.

So, would you like to know some of my favorite online places to look for that 'just perfect' clasp? Some of my favorite places--- (minimum order, but I'm not sure they require a resale certificate) (wholesale only with minimum orders, but they do give you a list of their retailers), (minimum orders, but not sure you need a resale license to purchase) (true wholesaler with resale license required and minimum order) and here is the retail resource for some really nice clasps if you don't purchase in bulk or wholesale--- (check out their springall clasps in the designer section and they also sell sakisilver clasps at retail as well). Oh and two more good sources I almost forgot--- Sadco and Nina Designs .

Alright, now you're on your own!!! I hope I gave you someplace new to go out and find your perfect finishing touch!


Kristen said...

Rickie, I love clasps too! I find a lot of really nice ones that people are selling on Etsy and twice a year I try to go to the local Gem Show's and I stock up there. That way I can hold them in my hands and inspect each one to make sure I like everything about it! They really do a lot for each piece that you add them to! :)

Andrea said...

ooooh. Love that photo! A good clasp gets me every time. It's hard to find good sources. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Elizabeth said...

I've used a couple of these sellers but a couple were new to me. It's always nice learning of some new options.

Thanks, Rickie!

Rickie said...

Kristen--gem shows, especially Integem usually have some fantastic vendors with good pricing and selection. I like to see what I'm getting myself--especially if I haven't purchased from a vendor before. Sadko is usually at shows with great clasps and sometimes ninadesigns...two other great places for clasps!

Andrea, a good clasp gets me looking that them, love buying them!

Elizabeth, glad I could recommend a couple of new sources to you. I agree, it's always fun to find someone new with quailty findings to drool over and tempt us!

Jelveh Designs said...

great tips Rickie, I guess you have not been to my blog or gotten the weekly email, as you were chosen as the winner of last weeks bead giveaway, please email me your address so I can get the yummy to you....