Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Knot, Two Knots, Three Knots, Four......

A funny thing happened last night while watching tv with my hubby--my fingers got itchy. It had to be something simple, because otherwise I would be so distracted I wouldn't be good company. So, I started knotting, and couldn't stop. There is something very soothing about doing a little knotting now and then. I'm sure I wouldn't think that if I had to do it all the time, but sometimes it's just the relaxing thing that fills the bill. I scrambled for some odds and ends I had around the house and once I started I couldn't stop. These ended up to be the most comfortable, and delightful bracelets. I'm happy to say they made my itchy fingers sing!
This one is my favorite, although the pictures don't show it off as well as I like. If you've been around very long, you know matchy-matchy isn't my favorite, so I loved the color combo--yummy olive greens and dark aqua/peacock blues and the occasional round pearl among the coins. I also love the sterling and brass clasp from Pegasus--there's something very bohemian
..and very me about this one.

Well, I really liked this one too...I made this with leftovers of one of my favorite strands of carved mossy pink amethyst ovals. They were hand cut, which makes them just enough different from one another to please me. Combined with this delicious Saki Silver gold vermeil flower toggle, it puts a smile on my face.

Whoa, these lush rich wine colored mother of pearl ovals aren't too shabby either....and I love this exotic matte gold vermeil clasp to add a little warmth.

This bracelet with some fancy smancy larimar ovals was where I started, these have some yummy color variations and I used a very cool gold filled clasp that slips together for a lovely finish. These beads came in an exchange/bead swap with Lori Anderson---so thanks Lori, here's how I used your lovelies.

Knotting is easy, knotting is fun....once you start you'll never be done!


Kristen said...

Rickie, I LOVE what you've done!!! Very pretty, all of them! :)

Rickie said...

Thanks Kristen--how are you doing??

Pretty Things said...

Knotting is just something I've never been good at. I get to the LAST bead and mess it up and then have to cut it all apart and start ALL over again. You did an AWESOME job!

Rickie said...

Been there, done that, Laurie! Thank you!