Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to Use Your Beads...

I've gotten a few questions lately about tutorials for jewelry construction, so since I'll be sending one of you a hefty stash bag of lampwork later this week, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite tutorials with the basics of stringing jewelry. It's one I found when I first started working with lampwork and it's still one of the easiest to follow. Maybe you're just starting or want to start designing your own jewelry--Julie's tutorial is a good starting point--it's where I started and you can see how I used her technic in the bracelet above.
Without further explanation, the tutorial is by Julie Ferguson of Fergie Beads. Here's the link to her website and the tut-- when you get there click on the tips and tutorial icon and click on the bracelet and bead dangle icon to go forthwith to the tutorial and everything you need to know about stringing a bracelet, or neclace for that matter---the technic is the same. Now, I don't know Julie, and nothing has been updated on the site for several years, but I do appreciate the great tutorial, with pictures and detailed explanation that most anyone can follow with beautiful results. A couple of caveats--she uses beadalon and I prefer soft touch by soft flex, in a medium to heavy weight for lampwork; fine or extra fine for gemstones. I think it drapes nicer and lays more softly on the wrist, but that is MY preference.
There are lots of great free tutorials out there---check utube, or just google what you are looking for and you'll be surprised at the plentitude of wonderful free information you can find.
Now leave a comment to get into the drawing for that bodacious bag of artisan lampwork I'm giving away--if you're a veteran or a newbie there's sure to be something in there that you're destined to love!


Elizabeth said...

I love your taste in lampwork so throw my name in the hat for the drawing, please!


Rickie said...

Will do, HRH Elizabeth! :-)

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Oh, lampwork, lovely, lovely! Thanking you in this comment for the awesome bracelet that you sent me for winning your other Giveaway. The e-mails keep coming back. I love the amazonite with the knotting and the silver. Fun to see your work close up, so much better than photos, although they are stunning!