Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Would You Do?

I'd like to pose a rhetorical question this morning about design decisions. Thank you to my wonderful customer Eileen for suggesting this posting. How do you design? I know some people sketch their ideas out and go from there...others pull materials and start working. I'm more of the messy type--I typically go thru my stash and look at every possiblilty then start playing, adjusting, etc...making a total mess as I go--especially if my first inclination doesn't please, I just keep bringing more and more materials into my workspace until....
I arrive at a place that pleases me. Usually when I am doing a custom order and have several ideas, I like to include my customer in the decision, to make sure I am meeting their vision as well. So when I received this stunning set of lampwork beads by Manuela Wutschke to design into a necklace for my special customer, that is exactly what I did. I pulled what I thought would work well and set about (with her input) to 'create' a finished look that would please us both.
These are some rough pictures of variations that we toyed with along the path to completion--coral discs, forged sterling 'ribbon candies", Bali sterling tubes, and Afghnistan silver and lapis beads.

Granted these are not the best photos--had I been intending to post about it, I probably would have 'styled' my photo's better, but you should get the idea.

Soooo...my question to you is---which materials would you have chosen to finish off these absolutely fabulous beads into a necklace of your dreams? I'm sure you might have alternate creative ideas of your own, but which of the choices here would have made the cut for you?

Tomorrow I'll show you my finished design, in the meantime tell me--what would you do?


Lil' Bit and Nan said...

I am like you, I go through what I have and toy with it until I am satisfied with what I concocted in my head. The second picture down intrigues me the most. I live by my own motto, "more color, please" i love all the colors and textures in this picture, I also like the way the beads and embellishments patterned together. Beautiful job my dear Rickie!

Love, Bethany

Rickie said...

Thanks Sweet Bethany!

Manuela said...

Dear Rickie,

I am always leaded by my "gut feelings" and my way of designing a necklace is letting the beads rest for a long time on a place where I can see them hundreds of times a day LOL and I don´t force any idea, not even thinking about.
My brain is working even if I don´t realize it and .. do you know that happy feeling when you are waking up one morning knewing exactly how your necklace wants to be? That´s the happy moment - I love those moments.

Btw - that Afghanistan beads are twinkling at me a lot ☺, cannot decide between red and that gorgeous blues. Like Bethany - I need a lot of color in my life too.

You did a great work, thanks so much.

Wish you a lot of great ideas and nice customers (at least as nice as this special lady ☺).

xxxoxx Manuela

Anonymous said...

What would I do? Call my creative sister to make me something because you are the BEST! Love you sis!

Rickie said...

Manuela, I do know that feeling when you wake up and know exactly what you want to do...sometimes it happens immediately and others it can take months and months--and it is a very happy moment! Your beads are always pure joy!
Thanks sweet sister Cindy...you were the inspiration for these knotted obsessions!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Let's see...I love color but I also like the wire components...so I'm gonna say #3. A little bit of both. Those lampwork beads are fabulous!

Dana said...

I don't know Rickie, I probably do a little of all of it. When working with a customer I do a sketch first and then bring out a bead soup of colors to give them an idea of where my ideas are coming from. If I'm just in a playing mood then pretty much everything comes out and my whole room is a mess until I finish...oh and I really never finish.

I really like your first photo with the majority of the beads at the front and then the sterling ribbons. It really brings you back to the importance of the piece which is the amazing lampwork. Sometimes when you have amazing beads...more is not better, simple works just fine.

I'm sure whatever you design your customer will love.

I added your blog to the Create Every Day blog list. Thanks for dropping by.

Rickie said...

Thanks Shelby and Dana, love your comments and input!

vonna said...

I can't seem to find the hat, where did you hide it? How am I supposed to toss my name into it?

Schweet! design as it turned out, the beads are scrumptious.

"God Bless" all of you.. good night.

Rickie said...

lol Vonna, I'm hiding the hat here, but I'll put your name in for you!