Thursday, November 25, 2010


To set aside a national day of Thanksgiving and Praise to the Almighty---that was in the proclamation by Abraham Lincoln sent forth to set aside the fourth Thursday of November as what we now call Thanksgiving. Most of us spend the day with family and friends at a wonderful feast of food and love and friendship...lots of us spend the day cheering on our favorite football team...but how many of us reflect on this wonderful land of liberty bought for us at such a dear price by our forefathers. Would we be willing to make the same sacrifices for our children and grandchildren. I hope so, I pray so. Can I take a moment today to give thanks, to count my blessings--I'm sure to be surprised at how many I have when starting to reflect on them. I'm taking a moment to praise the Almighty, give service, and tell those near and dear that I love them--look at my cup as half full, rather than half empty and fill it up to the brim with gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends and thank you for enriching my life!

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