Monday, November 8, 2010

Snow Angels and other winter dreams...

It's only a tiny bit early to be thinking of snow angels. I clicked into my ebay account today and to the top it said 47 days to Christmas--tell me it ain't so!!!
Time to dig into my winter wardrobe, time to think about gifts and decorating and baking and all the fun things that kick start the winter holidays...and I'm caught totally off balance this year. Ah well, I went into my stash box and found some holiday beads just begging to be played with. This is the first--my little Snow Angel with some precious artisan lampwork beads by the fabulous ( and m.i.a. for sometime now) Barbara Gorko. She does the most whimsical, sweeeeet figural beads and flowers around. These have been sitting in my stash for awhile--the pink rosebuds one place and the precious snow angel another. They finally found one another and all it took was a chain and some icy moonstone marquise gemstones for a little winter whimsey to set me on the path.

I love the garland of roses around her head and feet, the pale pink buttons and her transparent blue little snow angel is definitely a girly girl--no doubt about it!
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